These Stepping Stones are Big and Made to Walk On!

David Edenfield holding a sea turtle stepping stone.

These are not the typical stained glass mosaic stepping stones most people are used to seeing. Most of the stepping stones available online are made with the "indirect method", meaning that they are made with an almost solid glass surface. While this is pretty, it makes for a smooth, slick surface that is slippery and not very practical for a garden path. My stepping stones are different.They are 18" in diameter, 1 1/2 " thick, and weigh about 23 pounds. All of the original designs are hand cut from stained glass and embedded in high strength concrete with a textured surface for a safer, non-slip walking surface. The concrete around and between the stained glass pieces is raised, providing more traction and protecting the glass from most contact with shoe soles. They are extremely durable, functional, and colorful additions to your garden or walkway. I have been making these stepping stones since 1997 and still walk on some of the early designs, which still look great after nearly 20 years. I have sold many thousands of these stepping stones through nurseries and gift shops in the Southeastern US. You may have seen them at Southern Horticulture in St. Augustine, FL, Pat's Nursery in Green Cove Springs, FL, The Greenery on Hilton Head Island, SC and Ace Garden Center here on St Simons Island. Now they are available here, on Etsy, and on Thank you for visiting my site, and please tell your friends!

If the stepping stone you choose is not currently in stock please contact me and I will get one made for you within a week or so. You can find my contact info at the bottom of each page. These stones make great, memorable gifts or colorful accents for your own yard or garden.

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