Unique Stained Glass Stepping Stones by David Edenfield

These stepping stones are different! They are BIG, 18" in diameter, and made to walk on. The stained glass design is embedded below the textured concrete surface of the stepping stone for added durability and a safer, non-slip surface. You can find my stepping stones on Etsy as well.

When you order a stepping stone you will receive the one pictured, that is why they are numbered. Each one is unique, so if you order more than a quantity of one I will find or make another as close as possible to the one ordered.

Sea turtle stepping stone in the hands of David Edenfield.

Sea Turtle

Baby Sea Turtle Stepping Stone

Baby Sea Turtles

Koi Stepping Stone


Yellow Dog Stepping Stone


Orange Sun Stepping Stone


Hummingbird Stepping Stone


Red & White Lighthouse Stepping Stone


Seashell Stepping Stone


Pineapple Stepping Stone


Tropical Fish Stepping Stones

Tropical Fish

Purple Butterfly Stepping Stones