Unique, beautiful stepping stones created on a unique, beautiful island.

HappyTrailsSteppingStones.com began in 1997 beneath the beautiful old moss draped live oaks of St Simons Island , Georgia. The beauty and tranquility of our island home and the creeks and marshes surrounding us are the inspiration for my work.

All of my round stepping stones are large, 18 inches in diameter, and are made to walk on. The stained glass design is embedded in the concrete, never glued or grouted. This is a process that I developed over 20 years ago and it has proven to be durable and popular. They are a colorful, practical, and beautiful addition to your yard or garden. Each stepping stone is one of a kind and is signed and dated.

The stained glass colors will never fade, even in strong, direct sunlight, and the way that the glass is set in the concrete minimizes wear and scratching. The textured surface of the concrete helps to create a safer, non-slip path. I have some in my yard that are over 15 years old and they have endured heat, cold and heavy foot traffic with very few signs of wear.

These stepping stones are much nicer than they appear in my photos. No two stones are exactly alike. There are variations in color and placement of the glass and each piece of stained glass is hand cut by me. I promise that you will be satisfied with the appearance and quality of my work!

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